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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 31, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> my message to the world tonight is that this nation will move forward together. >> a done deal in washington. the white house and both sides have reached a compromise on the nation's debt, preventing the first default in history. the deal will be voted on by post congress tomorrow. it brings relief to global market and increases the debt ceiling. here is the late breaking details. >> the late announcement came from the white house with little notice. >> i want to announce that the leaders of both parties in both chambers have reached an
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agreement that will reduce the deficit and avoid default. the default would have had a devastating effect on our economy. >> president clearing the debt deal with house and senate leaders. >> at this point, i can say that there is a framework that will ensure submitted cuts in washington spending. >> i know this agreement will not make every republican happy or democrat happy either. . both parties gave more room than they wanted to. that is the essence of compromise. >> it ends a bitter stalemate against a critical default deadline tuesday. more than $2 million in spending cuts over the next decade. speaker john boehner said it is not the greatest deals in the world, but it changes the terms of the debate.
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nancy pelosi is not sure how her members will vote. >> we will wait and see who can support it. >> they will have a chance to review the details of the compromise before a vote takes place. >> there may be a debt ceiling, but real-estate experts are concerned about how the fragile economy will affect the markets. there was an annual convention in baltimore where they focused on foreclosures. >> the debt deal will give short-term relief to the country's credit card accounts, but when it comes to real estate, foreclosure, especially for minorities, the experts there are not breathing a sigh of relief tonight. as lawmakers in washington crack a deal to crack the debt ceiling, economic experts fear that even with the deal, the housing market will see a spike in foreclosures.
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>> you still have the american public that has to pay for the deficit, which is $1.40 trillion, which is $8,000 for a taxpaying person. >> advocates from this minority community are nervous. >> there is an old saying that says, if we get a cold in the country, minority communities get the flu. >> many are dealing with unemployment. the national bar association spent sunday afternoon focusing on foreclosures during the birthday of its annual convention in baltimore. the group is changing its predominately minority attorneys how to guide black and latino homeowners through the foreclosure process, there rights, and the help that is out there. >> we have a responsibility to make sure that as lawyers we go into the community and help them. we have bad actors involved in this process. we are hoping to get lawyers engaged and lost it is engaged
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in this pro bono activity. >> it could include clients to fight back and not take anything for granted. >> we had a number of deciding situations. they need to look at those. not just accept the paperwork they are given. >> experts say foreclosures may spike, because banks still have millions of a foreclosures to process. wbal-tv 11 news. >> an early-morning house fire is under investigation. crews responded to druid park drive just before 7:00 this morning. it was quickly brought under control and no one was home at the time. no injuries reported. we know the name of a man whose body was found inside of a car friday morning. frank was found in the car the morning. police say he had been shot and his body was found in the trunk.
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no word on a suspect or possible motive. natural resources police say charles a jump from a moving boat just after 5:00 last evening. crews searched until nightfall. his body was buried this afternoon. natural resources police officers are investigating two boating accident in the river area. a sailboat and a power boat crashed shortly after midnight. another person was taken to shock trauma when a boat overturned last evening. no word on the cause or status of the victims tonight. there were twolane crashes over alaska yesterday. a family of four died after their aircraft collided with a similar plane and crashed to the ground and burned. the other plane involved in the accident managed to land safely. authorities do not know what
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caused the crash. these types of crashes are almost unheard of. it is the second small plane crash over the state this month. the father of the missing girl in new hampshire pleads for his -- her safe return. the 11-year-old banished from the home she shares with her mother and stepfather. she was last seen using a computer at home. her father, who was in the hospital at the time, spoke out today. >> we are hoping the best for her safety. i would appreciate it if we could get her back very soon. if she hears me now, daddy is better, recovering from the hospital. >> at the fbi has joined the search for selena and is offering a $25,000 reward for information on this case. two texas parents are behind bars tonight.
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there were donating plasma nearby. those walking by the vehicle in the parking lot notice the children in the car and called 911. a woman is hospitalized after an accident on a florida beach. she was run over by a beach patrol pickup truck. >> the mixture of sunbathers and vehicles is part of what makes the beach what it is, creating a hazard for those that are supposed to keep everyone safe. this man and his wife set up an umbrella steps away from where this mother was run over by a beach patrol pick up. >> they were responding to an emergency. >> they say the 33-year-old woman was lying on the sand. her talent and belongings are under the truck.
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troopers say around 10:00 sunday morning, he was driving in the northbound lane of the beach. a pedestrian told him about the broken glass in the sand. he made a u-turn. his tire ran over the victim's head. the lifeguard has worked with the county off and on for five years. the county says he has a spotless record. he and his wife stayed near the spot, staying close to the traffic lane, insisting there is nothing to fear. >> we hope there is not. >> no charges have been filed. authorities say the lifeguard was drug tested after the incident and was sent home during the day. the man who admitted killing dozens of norway citizens will likely be held criminally liable
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for his actions. they will review this site yet -- psychiatric evaluation. the attacks were so carefully planned and executed that it will be difficult to prove insanity. in norway, insanity requires the defendant to be in a state of psychosis for a time. several people were killed when he set up a car bombing and opened fire at a youth camp. president obama says he is appalled by the violence that the syrian government has taken against its own people. dozens of people have been killed in the muslim holy month of ramadan. it starts tomorrow. and it has been exactly two years since two students were taken into custody in iraq.
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it looks like they will have to wait longer to find out their fate. here is the report from tehran. >> how these u.s. hikers -- the court -- a court case did not the the ver is a verdict. they were arrested on the border of iran and iraq two years ago. both sides were able to give their closing arguments. the lawyer insisted that there is no evidence to show that these men were spying. he said even if they were convicted of espionage upon entering the country illegally, he was confident that they would be released within the next week. there are a fuse -- few positive signs. -- [unintelligible]
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and on monday, the holy month of ramadan. during this time, traditionally, prisoners are pardoned during this month. the judge said he will deliver his verdict within a week. it is a long wait for the parents of the hikers. this will come to a conclusion within a week. with any luck they will be on their way back home. >> a third hiker returned to the u.s. last fall due to medical reasons. all three denied the espionage charges saying they were hiking along the border when they were detained. amy on a the legacy a ofsm winehouse. >> i have never seen a drought
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like this. >> texas struggles with conditions worse than they were during the dust bowl. the attempts residents are making to get enough drinking water. and an unusual application for ipad that allegedly will keep people safer. >> we will see what is in store for us with the forecast ahead. right now, some rain and north of the city. downto
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>> of baltimore county shoppers have two new places to pick up products. it offers fresh produce in the lower prices.
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and one store will offer free dietician services. the latest album of amy winehouse is back on top of british charts. "back in black" earned five grammys. she was found dead in a london apartment last week. she was known to suffer substance-abuse problems. the autopsy did not reveal the cause of death. they're waiting on the results from the toxicology tests. the final installment of the "harry potter" series is bewitching people everywhere. it has broken the $1 billion mark. it is the only movie in the series to accomplish the feat. the movie has not sold more tickets, just had higher ticket prices. the film is expected to become the highest grossest -- grossing
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movie of the year. would created and i had at that protect radiation leaks. -- wood created an ipad app thad protect against radiation leaks. and of farmers are forced to sell their cattle as the price of corn and wheat has gone up. many in texas are trying to find in drinking water. one town built a plant to recycle sewage. >> to the quality of water that we will be producing from the dry water production facility is water that you could deliver to someone. >> the dry conditions have caused the galveston bay to be
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saltier than usual, killing the oyster harvest. >> we had some hot weather today. no rain to speak up so far. some sprinkle activity coming out of pennsylvania. it is coming down to the no. baltimore county. a couple of sprinkles there. it is crossing the pennsylvania and maryland line. this is a losing its identity year as it pushes to the south. north of the bay. it may pick up a few sprinkles this evening. take a look at what has happened temperature wise. it was hot today. at least this was not -- was not extremely humid. 98 at the inner harbor.
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the record is 102. 68 and 79 the overnight low. before midnight, some may pick up a few sprinkles. right now, and temperatures are around 80's around end to the west of the bay. seven's in western maryland. western maryland. here are some sprinkles coming down from the north. they are diminishing as they move closer to the bay. most of the heavy rain has been left off in the carolinas. dry air pushing into the north. not cool air. it is not the canadian air. the front dividing tropical,
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extremely humid air, is not bound to the carolinas and georgia. texas, rain south of new orleans. very hot even this evening in certain parts of central texas. in the atlantic, east of the caribbean islands, a tropical wave, which has yet to develop into any kind of depression or organized storm. computer models indicate that it is trying to develop into some type of tropical storm and eventually a hurricane. forecast models -- a category one storm could approach puerto rico entry to the bahamas by thursday.
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we will see. mostly clear. light southwest winds. partly cloudy tomorrow. more cloud later in the day. vendor showers possible by tomorrow evening. -- and thundershowers possible by tomorrow evening. there could be thunderstorm activity by tomorrow evening. boaters, five-foot shot. southwest wins 5-10 knots. wednesday, 95, 91. we back off on temperatures start in on tuesday. >> thanks, john. i think there'll be a collective sense of withdraw -- and >> one player has gone to
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arizona. we will talk about that? coming up in sports.
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>> heading into the 2010 season, the ravens hopes for better balance with their passing game.
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operation a remedy that continues as they signe vonta leach making him one of the highest-paid fullbacks in the game. he has no desire to carry the ball. the ravens will run the ball better in 2011. the all-time touchdown reception later got an offer from the cardinals. he returns home, proving to be a tremendous asset to baltimore on and off the field. ozzy and company examines the needs in their camp -- category. they are looking at tight end. the players had a day of while the front office was working hard today.
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the rookie right tackle, arrived in pretty good shape. rookie wide out has caught the ball very well. sergio, after missing all of last year, he ticked contact well. -- he took contact well. they needed a day off. the new first baseman, 0-4. adam jones -- bad execution. negative parquet discos to third. -- nick markakis goes to third. and a bruised shown by the x-ray of this figure.
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bases loaded for gardner. a three-run triple. the orioles have a 42 in 63 on the season. in boston, the red sox tried to strengthen their position with a familiar face. they were able to get rid of the left the. -- lefty. the swimming world champions wrapped up today in a shanghai. phelps did well, 4 golds, 7 total. the american team went from four to second. phelps said i have been able to
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gain more motivation here than i ever had. and much credit to one association for making the adjustment. winning in the final round, 59, stuart applebees. the clubhouse, minus 10. birdie on the 18th. we go back to the par-3 18th. a start two shot, nearly identical to the one hit 15 minutes earlier. for the win, love the reaction. same results, scott sullivan with his first career victory. and the indianapolis speedway -- no hard brick in the final turn.
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-- heartbreak in the final turn. the quiet and reserved a driver of a legendary bracing family finally finishes first. his response was -- jeff gordon in second. more to come next.
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